Offering a quality hedging service to your member-owners or shippers can be the difference between predictable milk flow and idle stainless. However, from technology to compliance, running a farm forward contracting program can be overwhelming and tedious. Rice Dairy Farm Forward Contracting (RDFFC) is your solution.

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Discover why Rice Dairy is one of the best choices for your farm forward contracting!

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Why Choose RDFFC?

Dedicated Team

The RDFFC Desk not only includes risk management professionals but all four brokers grew up in agriculture and three of them grew up on dairy farms.

The Rice Dairy Network

The RDFFC team is part of the broader Rice Dairy team. As a client, you will receive research, on-demand analysis, access to the EU office, and more.

Financial Market Solutions

Rice Dairy is experienced and established in both exchange-traded and OTC derivatives. No other firm can offer as comprehensive a service in this category.


Harness Vault to take your forward contracting program to the next level. Click here to learn more about the software.

Turnkey Solutions

From start to finish, let RDFFC be your outsourced dairymen division. Our turnkey solution is customized for each business and includes:

  • Setup
  • Documentation
  • Administration
  • Brokers
  • Execution
  • Customized reporting