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Futures & Options Trading

Rice Dairy provides access to all global and regional exchange-traded dairy futures and options markets, including the CME, EEX, NZX, and Euronext. The RD brokerage team works with clients in all facets of strategy and execution.

Spot Trading

A spot market is a commodities market in which goods are sold for cash and immediate delivery. It is also referred to as a cash market or physical market. Dairy is unique because the CME Group facilitates spot markets for cheese, butter, and nonfat dry milk at the Chicago Board of Trade. Rice Dairy offers brokerage services on these exchange-traded spot markets.

Over the Counter (OTC) Trading

Rice Dairy offers OTC brokerage services that are specialized to the dairy industry. We work with multiple suppliers and counterparties to develop and maximize liquidity and price opportunity. Once on board, our OTC clients have access to the entire RD network, which helps aggregate liquidity. Beyond this, the Rice Dairy OTC team uses the feedback from their client network to develop new trading instruments and we stand prepared to continue our innovative approach.