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Jon Spainhour in Cheese Market News – May 5, 2009.

With industry participation, new NDM contract has potential to deliver

“Over the last few years, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has been progressively developing and introducing new contracts to the CME Dairy Complex. In 2006 it was the Cash Settled Butter contract. In 2007 it was the Cash Settled Whey contract, and on April 20, CME introduced the Physically Delivered Nonfat Dry Milk (NDM) contract. I would like to take this moment to commend the CME for this action, and I think the dairy industry at large should too.”

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Brian Rice in Cheese Market News – November 27, 2009.

Cheese futures? Benefits outweigh risks for dairy industry

“Some key players in the dairy industry have made a compelling case that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) should list futures on cheese as an additional hedge instrument. This thought has gained a lot of support, and the CME is judiciously researching the pros and cons of doing this while floating potential contract specifications for consideration.”

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