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Rice Dairy LLC belongs to a network of leading dairy service providers and we tap into these affiliations to serve our clients.
Vault Technologies LLC  empowers dairymen through its financial software by providing them with the relevant data and the forecasting power they need to make more informed decisions.
Rice Dairy Risk Services (RDRS) is an insurance agency focused on dairy insurance products.

Our Philosophy

    1. Execution is not a commodity
    1. Information is abundant but not universally available or digestible
  1. Making finance friendly

Our Mission

Rice Dairy’s mission is to arm our clients with the right tools and information for participation in a very competitive marketplace. We will handle administrative tasks with certainty and candor, so the client can focus on what’s important. We will continue to make customer feedback a key component of shaping our services.

Our Values

    1. Integrity
    1. Rational, unbiased, unemotional judgement of markets
    1. Professional, personal service
    1. Never take unnecessary risk; embrace calculated risk
    1. Family first
    1. Relentless education, perpetual students
  1. No room for arrogance/have fun

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